A Complete Change with Makeover studio in Bangalore

Hair Styling or - Dressing Courses

Hair & makeup go hand in hand. Supplement & strengthen your makeup skills with hair styling. Learn everything. From classic buns to the messy lower buns or classic bridal dos to trendy & popular hairdos.

  • Introduction to Products & Tools
  • Basic Preperation of hair for Styling
  • Iron Straightening / Incurls/ Outcurls / Styling in different hair length
  • Tongs Incurls / Out Curls / Twisted Curls/ Multiple Hair Styles
  • Basic Braids & Attaching false braids.
  • Advanced Braid Hairstyling
  • Backcombing / Crown Styling / Stuffing to create the volume
  • Extensions Fixing and creating elaborate styles with extensions
  • Buns / Low Bun / High Bun / Messy Buns / Multiple Braid Bun / Side Bun
  • Traditional Hair and Bun
  • Product recommendation for the Kit
  • High fashion and Sleek Hairstyles
  • Professional Certification from the Academy by Suu