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Professional Makeup Course - Weekends

Designed for enthusiasts who are pressed for time due to work and cannot make it on weekdays, learn the basics as well as some key advanced techniques of makeup on the weekends.

A. Makeup For Professional Purpose

  • Client Servicing and Care
  • Client Prepping & Skin care
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Selection and Usage
  • Colour Theory
  • Brushes: Usage and Maintenance
  • Facial Anatomy (Identifying various shapes of features)
  • Identifying Skin Tones & Skin Types
  • Different Foundation Techniques & Tools
  • Conceal Correct Techniques
  • All types of Eye Makeup
  • Lash Application
  • Identifying Eye Brow / Lips / Eye shapes
  • Contouring & highlighting understanding the face shape
  • Feature corrective makeup Techniques
  • Day-neutral makeup
  • Evening makeup look
  • Party / Night makeup look
  • Bridal makeup lookup
  • Help Build you Kit

B. Makeup For personnel grooming

  • How to analyze skin type / tone
  • Product knowledge
  • Brush types / Techniques
  • Choice of Foundation and application
  • Correct & Concealer application
  • Contouring highlighting techniques understanding the face shapes
  • Application & Understanding Shapes of eye / lip / brow.
  • Understanding textures of eye shadow and placement techniques.
  • Day Makeup look / Neutral makeup look
  • Evening Makeup look
  • Night Makeup look