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Top Makeup Artist in Bangalore

Suhasini Ganesh

Suu has been the leading best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. Leading the perfect institute, she is generating a bunch of future makeup artists. Starting her career with MAC, Suu has received ample national as well as international training.

Suu has been a makeup lover from her childhood days. She has built was she dreamt of, and this is called a perfect achievement. Now, an outstanding top makeup artist in Bangalore is taking care of such a brilliant institute by the superb name of Makeup Academy by Suu.

We are the superlative makeup academy to offer a variety of makeup courses to the students. Our institute calms down your curiosity about learning about the various makeup tricks, and techniques. Sue itself provides training sessions to the students.

A practical demonstration of each basic makeup to the bridal makeup is showcased by Suu on her own. Being the top makeup artist in Bangalore, she is the divine beauty with brains.

Suu has a team of professionals who carry a full-fledged knowledge of teaching bridal makeup for each style. Be it any religion, brides are brides. So, we focus on the best techniques to get our students to follow religiously.

We welcome questions and queries from our students because we believe queries are a good sign to follow to become a top makeup artist in Bangalore.

What to fear if Suu is there, and yes, she has been a fantastic model in the beauty and glamour industry. Now, she is building a career of multiple makeup freaks.

With an experience of seven years, Suu and her team are offering great makeup training to take them to a maximum height in the field of the makeup industry.

She is superb and is working her best in creating a bunch of the best makeup artists in Bangalore for the upcoming future.

So, call us for getting with us and exploring the world of the makeup industry in closer proximity with Suu and her team.


Who is the famous makeup artist in Bangalore?

Suu is a famous makeup artist in Bangalore. With a spectacular experience of seven years, Suu has become a versatile makeup artist. She not only showcases her skills but makes them more useful by spreading knowledge among various makeup lovers. Suu is well-filled with all the ifs and buts of makeup. This makes her give a smoother pace for the students for growing better.

How much do makeup artist charge in Bangalore?

The charges of makeup artists in Bangalore are according to the makeup style chosen by you. For example, Simple grooming will cost lesser than bridal makeup advanced. The cost of makeup depends fully upon the package you have opted for. But there are most studios for makeup in Bangalore that are charging a minimal amount from the clients.

How much does it cost for Bridal Makeup in Bangalore?

If we talk of the best studio for bridal makeup, Makeup Studio by Suu is offering the nominal cost for Bridal Makeup in Bangalore. The cost of Bridal Makeup actually depends upon the type of makeup the client chose. For more details, contact Makeup Studio by Suu and get flawless bridal makeup at affordable prices.